Jet Fuel

Pinnacle Operations is an internationally recognized supplier of jet fuel. Fuel is the most significant expense in the aviation industry, so Pinnacle Operations has developed a network of fuel alliances, which allows us to offer our clients contracted fuel prices at over 1500 locations worldwide.


Arranging fuel with Pinnacle Operations is as easy as a telephone call. Once we have obtained all of the relevant information, we will coordinate your fuel uplift and send a jet fuel release to the fueler on the field to ensure a hassle-free experience. We honor our jet fuel quotes, which unlike other aviation companies, allows us to bill your fuel within days of the uplift?not weeks or months.

Latest News:


Japan will drop all remaining COVID entry rules from Apr 29 - a week earlier than expected. Passengers arriving will no longer need to submit proof of vaccination or negative test results.

Lisbon / LPPT

Until the end of the summer season (Oct 29), most aircraft will be limited to max 6 0mins turnaround time (Code A and B aircraft only get 45mins). There’s no NOTAM on this - it’s hidden away in AIP SUP 61/22. Local handlers expect limited summer slots too. For drop-and-go’s and parking elsewhere, LPCS/Cascais or LPFR/Faro is suggested.


Sudan is closed to all flights except humanitarian and evac flights with prior permission (HSSS A0070/23). In South Sudan, air navigation services remain suspended above FL245 (HSSS A0069/23). Fighting has continued in Khartoum despite a ceasefire. Several countries have issued airspace warnings for the HSSS/Khartoum FIR, due to risks from anti-aircraft weaponry and military activity.