Weather Services

The safety of the crew, passengers, and aircraft is our number one priority at Pinnacle Operations. Our meteorologists deliver weather updates to you at each stop so you can be prepared for what's ahead during each leg of your flight. Our weather services include textual weather information and graphical weather products.

Textual weather information includes:

  • TAFs
  • PIREPs
  • METARs
  • Area Forecasts
  • Tropical Warnings
  • Route Weather Briefings
  • Metro and State Forecasts
  • Passenger Weather Briefings
  • Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecasts

Graphical weather products include:

  • Radar Charts
  • Tropical Charts
  • Winds and Temperatures Charts
  • High-level and Low-level Significant Weather Charts

Latest News:


Japan will drop all remaining COVID entry rules from Apr 29 - a week earlier than expected. Passengers arriving will no longer need to submit proof of vaccination or negative test results.

Lisbon / LPPT

Until the end of the summer season (Oct 29), most aircraft will be limited to max 6 0mins turnaround time (Code A and B aircraft only get 45mins). There’s no NOTAM on this - it’s hidden away in AIP SUP 61/22. Local handlers expect limited summer slots too. For drop-and-go’s and parking elsewhere, LPCS/Cascais or LPFR/Faro is suggested.


Sudan is closed to all flights except humanitarian and evac flights with prior permission (HSSS A0070/23). In South Sudan, air navigation services remain suspended above FL245 (HSSS A0069/23). Fighting has continued in Khartoum despite a ceasefire. Several countries have issued airspace warnings for the HSSS/Khartoum FIR, due to risks from anti-aircraft weaponry and military activity.